About us

What is V🚫ICEBAN?

VoiceBan is a social media platform for freedom of speech. You will not be censored, shadow banned or banned for any content. We have given all these controls back to the users (which we refer to as voices).


One of the most unique features about our platform is our voice feature. Everything revolves around voices. We developed the voice feature to make our platform more personal with engagements that become more personal to our users. We believe in engaging the users therefore we have also added a voice comment option which allows you to respond to all posts with a voice comment. We have added a proprietary sound wave that’s in the shape of our logo when you post a voice post or comment. You can post everything from videos (raw or links from other sites). You can share content off third party sites.

Like & Share

To like a post, we have a “voice up” feature and to dislike we have a “voice down” feature. To share someone’s post we have a “revoice” feature. These elements are unique to the Voiceban platform.

Tagging and hashtag

We have designed our own hashtag feature that allows you to tag certain topics which you want others to find. You will find a proprietary Voiceban logo next to the tag instead of a # when you enter the hashtag (pound key).

How we store your data?

We also have groups where you can invite friends and make events and post content privately. The biggest feature and most important feature are we do not store your data for longer than 30 days (meaning) your post today would be gone in 30 days. This is for privacy and content protection.

Stay anonymous – Incognito Mode

We have made a feature called incognito, which allows you to browse our platform anonymously - this is great for people that like to surf but not really post or interact. Enjoy.

#voiceban #whatisvoiceban Updated 3/05/2021